Pasta Bella Asolo

Cook the pasta (best short type), fry 1/2 finely chopped onion in olive oil, add tomato sauce with a bag of lint BELLA ASOLO, cooked for around 15 ‘, season the pasta with the sauce, add a little grit and a few tablespoon of cream.


Pizza Bella Asolo

Prepare a daisy type pizza (preferably with little mozzarella and oregano), cut into small cubes of Asiago cheese and heated in the oven for a few minutes, then add a bag of lint BEAUTIFUL AJUST that and shed on the pizza and serve


Fantasia salad

Lying on a plate radicchio, curly salad, arugula and cherry tomatoes (or cherry), spread out your turkey julienne BELLA ASOLO and season as you like (we recommend using balsamic vinegar.)


Summer salad width turkey julienne

Thinly sliced 1 red onion, let it wither 2 hours with the raisins in marsala, peeled 1 artichoke eavesdropper (removing the stem) and cut it into slices.
Sprinkle with lemon juice.
Then add in a salad bowl the turkey julienne BELLA ASOLO (2 pack.), 25 gr. of pine nuts and 50 grams of sun-dried tomatoes, cut into slices.
Season with lemon, salt and pepper.


Sandwich or piadina with kebab Bella Asolo

Take a a nonstick pan, pour a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and fry half Tropea’s onion.

When it is well browned, add the kebab BELLA ASOLO and let heat for 1 minute.

Fry in the pan for a few seconds piadina (or sandwich) on both sides, lay it on a plate and place in the center finely cut green salad, tomato chopped seedless, kebab BELLA ASOLO previously heated and finally add as you like Sauce yogurt, spicy, mayonnaise, ketchup.

Close the piadina/sandwich and bon appetite!


Bresaola and cheese cones

Ingredients for 8 cones
Bresaola 60 g
Fresh Cream Cheese 300 g
Chives to taste
white pepper to taste

To garnish ingredients
Arugula (or other salad) 10 g


To prepare the dried beef and cheese cones first proceed with the preparation of the cone filled. Take a cutting board and finely chopped chives. Then put the cream cheese in a bowl and add the white pepper. then add the chives.

With the help of a spatula mix the ingredients in order to align them well and move the mixture into a sac-a-few disposable to apply a smooth nozzle rather large. You can help to insert the filling inside the sac-a-few with a spatula and push down the sac-a-few. Then switch to the bresaola. Arrange the slices of dried beef on a cutting board and richiudetele joining the ends so as to maintain a smaller hole in one end and a wider opening in the other end up to give them the shape of a cone.

At this point take the sac-a-few filled with the mixture and stuffed the bresaola cones and garnish as desired with additional chopped chives the outer compound of the cone. Now take a plate and recline a bed of arugula. Then place on a bed of arugula bresaola the cones and serve them to your guests!


Risotto width shredded horse meat

Ingredients for 4 people:
100 gr. shredded horse meat
300 gr. of rice
100 gr. of butter
1 liter of broth
½ cup dry white wine
Cooking cream
100 gr. Parmigiano Reggiano

Melt over low heat 4 tablespoons of butter and when melted, add the shredded horse meat, leaving them fry for a few moments.
Add the rice and turning forever, well let them absorb the butter.
At this point, increase the heat and pour the rice first with the wine, that let it evaporate, and then with two ladles of hot broth; Always mix and, when this is almost absorbed Add additional two scoops.
This operation will be repeated 3 or 4 times.
After 15 minutes, you have to taste the rice very often to make sure it does not overcook.
If the beans are still hard, add half a ladle of broth to voltra and let finish cooking.
Remember to always turn!
Once cooked, remove from heat, add the cream kitchen a bit ‘thick, pepper and parmesan cheese and mix well.
Before serving, let stand for 5 minutes so it can whisk.


Lasagna with shredded horse meat and herbs

12 sheets of dried lasagne, 100g strips of shredded horse meat, boiled and chopped herbs 200g, 250g diced mozzarella, 30g grated Parmesan, 300ml milk, 30g butter, 20g flour, nutmeg, salt, pepper, olive oil, butter

Prepare the sauce by melting the butter, add the flour, stir quickly and add the hot milk flush; salt and pepper and season with a good grating of nutmeg. Bring to a boil, always mescolado, and cook 3 minutes to do slightly thicken. Blanch the pasta in boiling salted water with the addition of 1 tablespoon of oil, for 3 minutes, then drain and pass it under cold water jet. Dial the lasagne in a lightly greased bowl, making 4 layers well: 3 sheets of lasagna, 1/4 shredded horse meat, 1/4 herbs, 1/4 of mozzarella, 1/4 of sauce. Finish with Parmesan, some butter, cover with aluminum foil and put to cook in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes; removing aluminum and continue cooking for 10 minutes.