Ingredients for 8 cones
Bresaola 60 g
Fresh Cream Cheese 300 g
Chives to taste
white pepper to taste

To garnish ingredients
Arugula (or other salad) 10 g


To prepare the dried beef and cheese cones first proceed with the preparation of the cone filled. Take a cutting board and finely chopped chives. Then put the cream cheese in a bowl and add the white pepper. then add the chives.

With the help of a spatula mix the ingredients in order to align them well and move the mixture into a sac-a-few disposable to apply a smooth nozzle rather large. You can help to insert the filling inside the sac-a-few with a spatula and push down the sac-a-few. Then switch to the bresaola. Arrange the slices of dried beef on a cutting board and richiudetele joining the ends so as to maintain a smaller hole in one end and a wider opening in the other end up to give them the shape of a cone.

At this point take the sac-a-few filled with the mixture and stuffed the bresaola cones and garnish as desired with additional chopped chives the outer compound of the cone. Now take a plate and recline a bed of arugula. Then place on a bed of arugula bresaola the cones and serve them to your guests!